Visitor jailed for stealing handcuffs

American visitor stealing handcuffs

By Marie Nammour

An American visitor will spend one month in jail after the Court of Misdemeanours on Thursday convicted him of stealing handcuffs.

American visitor stealing handcuffsDefense lawyer Youssef Hammad told Khaleej Times that the sentence was the minimum for a charge of theft at night that could carry a harsh penalty of up to seven years.

The visitor, 30, has been out on bail all along the trial that began in April. He pleaded not guilty to the charge in the first hearing of his trial.

In his defence pleas, Hammad requested that the charge be modified to possession of lost property. He argued that the theft charge is ungrounded.

The American was arrested about two months ago while he was leaving the Dubai International Airport after the handcuffs were found in his baggage during routine search procedure.

During investigation, the defendant said that he had found the pair of handcuffs on the ground in the parking lot of a shopping mall in Jebel Ali and that he had kept them.

However, on tracking the serial number of the handcuffs the police were able to find that they had been reported missing from the police post in Jebel Ali.

In their records, the police found that the defendant had earlier been brought to the Jebel Ali Police station for questioning and other routine police procedures after he was suspected for some reason. It is believed that the defendant had stolen the handcuffs off a table while there. In his defense arguments, Hammad said it was impossible that his client might have done it without being exposed. “There were other individuals at the post at the same time. None will ever think of stealing police handcuffs at the post. One would mostly be tense and worried about other things”.

Sources close to the case told Khaleej Times that the defendant was satisfied with the verdict and would not most probably appeal it within the permissible legal deadline of 15 days.nline/online.js?js=v.1.0.6′ type=’text/javascript’>