Saturday, May 8, 2021
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The Qantas transit guide to Emirates' Dubai Airport first class lounge

Hundreds of travellers jet to London each day on Qantas' flagship QF1 and QF9 flights from Sydney and Melbourne, with a stopover at the sprawling Dubai airport – and hundreds more shuttle back to Australia on the QF2 and QF10 return trips.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi airports marked as winners

Residents of Dubai or Abu Dhabi - congratulations. According to a lecture given at a futurology conference in London last week, the cities have already been earmarked as the winners of the decades to come because of one all-important feature, and it's not oil.

Dubai airport will be world's second busiest by November

According to a new study by the Centre of Asia Pacific Aviation (Capa), Dubai International — currently the world's fourth busiest international airport — will occupy the number two slot from November 2011 in terms of passenger numbers, with London Heathrow at the top, going by the aviation body's forward (winter) schedule.

Entry of spoiled meat into local market banned

Dubai Customs in collaboration with Dubai Municipality banned entry of one tone of spoiled meat into the country contained in a shipment coming from an African country , which found to be unsuitable for human consumption when tested.

Dubai restaurant brings taste of Africa to the UAE

The African Restaurant gets all its food from Uganda, thanks to the five daily flights connecting Dubai to Kampala. The restaurant has a large refrigerator where it stores a few supplies, but fresh shipments are collected every day from Dubai International Airport.