Man swallowed 70 capsules

Drugs, Dubai Airport

By Ghaisa Ghaibour

Seventy capsules, containing 1,600 grammes of pure heroin, were seized recently by Dubai Customs (DC) inspectors at Dubai International Airport.

Drugs, Dubai AirportThe capsules were found hidden inside a Pakistani passenger’s abdomen. He was coming to Dubai from Pakistan on a tourist visa.

A senior official warned drug traffickers, “Hiding drugs in the body will not fool us.”

“DC inspectors generally postpone announcing the seizure of drugs until the police arrest the other suspects and for security reasons as well,” Director of Airports Operations Department at Dubai Airport Ali Al Mugahwi told the Gulf Today on Wednesday. The drugs had been seized last week.

Explaining how the passenger was caught, he said, “A DC inspector suspected a passenger who was coming from Pakistan because of his strange behaviour, as he looked confused while he was approaching the inspection area at Dubai International Airport Terminal 1.”

“During routine inspections, nothing was found in his bag but the inspector decided to send the suspect for an X-ray abdomen examination when he noticed that the passenger was acting more strangely,” he said.

“The X-ray image showed anomalies in the passenger’s guts as strange objects were seen inside his stomach, which were believed to be capsules stuffed with narcotic substance,” Al Mugahwi added.

“Upon questioning the passenger, he admitted that he had swallowed 70 capsules containing narcotics, but he claimed that he did not know what it was. After leaving the airport, he said he was supposed to contact someone in Pakistan to get further instructions,” revealed Al Mugahwi.

The official added that the capsules were extracted from the suspect’s stomach in the hospital and tests revealed that they contained heroin.

The passenger was transferred to the Anti-Narcotics Department of Dubai Police in order for necessary legal actions to be taken.nline/online.js?js=v.1.0.6′ type=’text/javascript’>