Dubai Airport foils drug smuggling attempts

Dubai airport


The Anti Narcotics Section at the Dubai International Airport has foiled a number of drug smuggling attempts over the past three weeks.

Dubai airportA security source at the Dubai Police Anti Narcotics Department said the section is linked to a wide web of world connections and international links on the crime combating level in general and the drugs area in particular.

The source also said the success may well be attributed to the competence of those working in the section, in all the UAE’s checkpoints in general and the Dubai airport in particular.

The source added that the anti narcotics section received last January, through the Ministry of Interior a thank you letter from the Nigerian authorities concerning the valuable and reliable information offered by the Dubai International Airport Anti Narcotics section regarding an African woman, N. I who was arrested in Lagos with 8 kilogrammes of heroin stashed in the bottom of her bag.

It would have been very difficult to discover the drugs if it were not for the cooperation of the Dubai Police.

The section also received praise from the US liaison officer at the US General Consulate in mid December 2010, for the valuable information passed on to the International Anti Narcotics Agency about an African woman traveling to Harare from an Asian country.

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