Coca-Cola’s Dubai airport video is an online hit


By Staff

DUBAI // An online advertising campaign by Coca-Cola showing the company handing out excess baggage tags at the airport to travellers has been viewed almost one million times on YouTube.

The clip “Coca-Cola –Taking Home Happiness” begins by showing passengers checking in at Dubai International Airport to head off to various destinations to see family. “It’s been five years since I spent Christmas in the Philippines,” a man says.

“My father is ill,” says another. “It’s a surprise, no one knows that we’re coming home.”

The video then displays the caption, “But no one likes to go empty-handed”.

The travellers describe the items they are carrying back home: school supplies and toys for children, a tablet computer and milk and nappies for a baby. But at check-in some of them find they are over their luggage limit.

“I really want to surprise them, but if I’m not able to carry this, it’s going to be a waste,” a traveller said. More info

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