Boeing beats Airbus on jet orders as both top 1,000 this year


By Reuters

Paris/New York: Airbus and Boeing both topped 1,000 new jet orders in the first eight months of the year, but Boeing is far ahead after adjusting for cancellations.

Chicago-based Boeing also has delivered more planes this year than its European rival, hanging on to the title of world’s largest plane maker.

The planemaking subsidiary of Airbus Group sold 21 aircraft in August, a traditionally quiet month following the busy Farnborough Airshow in July, bringing its total gross orders for the year to 1,001 aircraft, monthly data showed.

In contrast, Boeing Co booked 107 orders in the same month, bringing total gross orders for the year to 1,004.

Adjusting for cancellations, Airbus reported 722 net orders between January and August. That compares with 941 net orders for Boeing from January 1 to September 2, after accounting for 63 cancellations. More info

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