BA Galleries Club Lounge at Dubai International Airport: An unremarkable experience



The consideration of the merits of an airline’s business lounge can be done from two broad perspectives. The first is that of the seasoned upper class traveller that can distinguish the different types of spa experience and canapes on offer.

The second is that of your humble business journalist, used to travelling economy, who prays for the angel at check in to have mercy upon him and elevate him to the higher plane of the business lounge.

When adopting the latter perspective, which I was able to do on a recent flight to London, British Airways’ Galleries Club Lounge in Dubai International Airport is a perfectly decent experience, offering you a comfy chair, some free food and drink, and a little peace and quiet.

From the perspective of the seasoned business traveller however, there’s not that much to write home about.

Entering the BA lounge the business traveller is greeted by the sight of a stone effect fountain underneath a tasteful wooden canopy, water gently flowing over smoothed stones, promising relaxation and luxury by the bucket load.

Sadly such impressions do not last, with the remainder of the lounge a relatively plain if comfortable experience.

The lounge chairs are of a decent size and comfortable enough, but not sufficiently large for this tall journalist to curl up and get forty winks. More infonline/online.js?js=v.1.0.6′ type=’text/javascript’>